How to Use Our Development Board


What is Development Board?

This is a detailed guide on how to read our development board. Our development board will have the most transparency to show our product development progress. You can see/vote all of the community suggested features, our development road map, currently doing features, and next released features there. It updates along with our development progress. If you want to take the most benefits from our dev board, this topic can help you.

If you have any questions, feel free to open a topic in this community forum, or reply to this post.

Column Name

Below will list the convention we use when create column (category) for boards. From left to right:

  1. Community Suggested
    This column contains features suggested by community. If you want to suggest a new feature, feel free to open a topic in the forum, we will added to this column first. You can also vote existing features that submitted by you or many other users.
  2. Development Roadmap
    This column contains features that we decide to implement to our app in the future. Any features in community suggested moves to development roadmap meaning we are going to develop the feature. Features in this column can also move back to community suggested if we decide to not develop that anymore.
  3. Doing
    Features we are currently working on.
  4. (released/not released)
    This column name will start with v and follow by the version number. Any features under this column meaning those features has finished development and is going to release under that version. There can be multiple version columns. I used to keep 2 columns one released and one not released yet. Any older version columns will then be archived.
  5. Won’t do
    Any feature under this column are features we will never add to our app. It is possible that we decide to move features under this column out to our development roadmap.

Feature Submit OR Bug Report

If you want to contribute to our product, please feel free to suggest new features, give suggestions and report any bug you found.

You can open a new topic in this forum. If you suggested a new feature or bug that’s not yet under our community suggested feature yet, we will create a card in our development board under column community suggested with your id in description.

If you like our app and want us to improve, please feel free to click signup on top right and join our community.


If the feature you like or the bug you found has already exists in our development board, no matter which column it locates, please vote to let us know you want it to be implemented/fixed by vote the card. Here is how.

First, you will need a trello account. After you signup / login to your account, go to our development board, and click on any feature/bug card. You will see a vote button on the right. Click the vote button to cast your vote. You can vote one card only once, but you can vote on as many card as you want. Please only contribute your vote to the feature / bug you really want to be implemented/fixed. Below is a screenshot

Vote on the features/bugs are important. If a feature has more vote, then we will likely to get them implemented first.


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us. You can ask us here in our community forum or send us email. Our email address is: